Gardens of Time – Hidden Object Adventure

Arrive at the Gardens of Time, a new Hidden Object adventure game.
Become a time traveler and solve the biggest mysteries of the past to save the world from a history timeline corruption.
Find clues in beautiful scene, uncover mysteries, and restore the Gardens of Time.

In the Gardens of Time, there is a mystery to be solved in every corner of the world, intriguing characters to meet, and amazing scenes that will spur your imagination.
Dive into a magical story where you play as Prudence, a young woman who has become a member of secret society to travel through different eras uncovering the biggest mysteries of the world history.


⭐️ Travel back in time to find clues and uncover mysteries
⭐️ Solve exciting hidden object puzzles from different time periods
⭐️ Find clues and unlock exclusive garden decorations!
⭐️ Restore the Gardens of time with unique decoration mechanics
⭐️ Help Prudence save the world timeline, in this amazing hidden object adventure
⭐️ Breathtaking story with an unpredictable plot twist

Can you restore the Gardens of Time?


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