Game of Mafia : Be the Godfather

Game of Mafia is a gang-themed simulation and strategy mobile game. In this game, you play as an agent who was framed by your friend. Determined to take revenge, you’ll seek for the truth, recruit your followers, expand your territory, and finally become the dominator of the underworld-The Godfather! This game contains various exciting systems, including assistant, lover, heir, boxing gym, gang alliance and diplomacy systems.

[Fascinating Story of Vengeance]
Who is the real manipulator that framed you? And who is the big boss of the whole underworld? See through the plots from your enemies and advance towards the truth. The fascinating story of vengeance grants you unprecedented gaming experience!

[Enjoy the Thrilling Underworld]
Enjoy your thrilling underworld life in the immersive gaming environment. Passion, violent, revenge, fury, affection, speed… Here you can find everything that you are seeking for.

[Promote to the Godfather]
Even a street thug has a chance to change their fate, becoming the dominator. From an agent to a ringleader, and finally become the godfather! Call down the shots and lay down the law!

[Recruit Powerful Assistants]
Samurai, Hong Kong ringleader, Italian mafia godfather, veteran politician, business elite, child prodigy, ruthless brawler…Powerful assistants of different dispositions are at your service!

[Encounter Adorable Lovers]
Maids, bikini girls, stewardesses, dancers, nurses and social butterflies…All these adorable lovers are yours to choose. Each lover has their unique storyline, too. Make a pet of your adorable lovers and enjoy their company!

[Foster Your Family with Heirs]
After enjoying nights of passion, your lovers may give birth to heirs. Your heirs increase your overall influence. Also, you may arrange their marriage and further foster your family!

[Defeat Opponents in Boxing Gym]
Have a grudge against the other players? Want to avenge an insult? Challenge your opponents in Boxing Gym and tell them who the boss is! Join in an alliance, expanding your territory and enjoying new thrilling game modes!

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