Galaxy Hunter

Photon Energy, a mysterious power in the vast universe, has given birth to a myriad of civilizations across planets, but now an evil race aspires to monopolize this power to seek universe hegemony.

This race has grown overwhelmingly strong, and it has extended its evil influence to every corner of the universe. As an Interstellar Hunter seeking peace, you must grow stronger to fight the evil and defend the universe.

The universe, your home, is in peril. Act now to defend it!


Various Skills

Lightsaber, firearm, photon magic, you name it. All at your disposal!

Select a combination of skills that suit your taste and need, and hone your skills until you are a master hunter!

Powerful Gears

The universe abounds with all sorts of magical ores and plants instilled with power from the nurture of photons.

A deft craftsman could make them into powerful gears and even legendary artifacts.

Explore and adventure, and you will obtain even the most powerful gears.

Thrilling Adventures

The evil Dark Emperor has sent his minions to conquer all the planets in the universe to monopolize photon energy so that he may use it to grow even stronger.
To resist the Dark Emperor, you must undergo adventures throughout the universe to become a real hunter.

There will be lots of fun and breathtaking adventures waiting for you!

Endless Challenge

Mighty creatures and mechs are lurking in the universe, each of them a lord on their own turf.

Hunters Alliance has set up specially designed devices to get hunters prepared for real combat.

Challenge the mirror images of these monsters with the aid of these devices and make yourself a worthy hunter!

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