Furnace of Mutant

In the wake of the Nuclear Holocaust, humanity tried to Rebuild the World out of the Wastelands. But not for long, when deceitful Gordon colluded with the mutated zombie-like monsters and took over the Joint Command Center”Entoli”, he brought back chaos and destruction. YOU were betrayed and survived his ambush. YOU must now salvage the scarce resources, recruit survivors, raise troops, battle your way to seize the Command Center and lead the new age of humanity!

“Furnace of Mutant” is a true Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy War Game. Make friends with real-world players in this virtual 3D immersive post-apocalyptic game. Experience the thrill of real warfare as your armies clash in spectacular 3D graphics. Transition freely between the world view and cities view. Explore the unknown and mysterious lands on the realistic map, which includes mountains and rivers.

Scavenge essential materials in order to survive in the dangerous contaminated wilderness. Face hordes of walking dead, uncover mysteries, protect people. Lead survivors like a light in the darkness, revive the people’s spirit and lead the country to greatness. Constantly scout your relentless surroundings for roaming mutant monsters.

Build farmlands, research, innovate, craft cutting-edge equipment, mount high-tech cannons to defend your base against potential threats. Upgrade your facilities, grow your settlement in a world devastated by nuclear wars. Manage time wisely and constantly improve yourself to take on stronger foes.

Raise armies of machines and human soldiers to increase your power. Find unique 3D companion characters of various backgrounds, from a Sexy Sniper to a Hammer Drone. Upgrade their abilities using an RPG style skill system and talent tree. Pair your troops with the right companion and plan your lineups. Watch as your companions unleash mighty skills.

Lead your forces to achieve strategic objectives. Expand strategically and lead well to prosper. Determine the fate of epic RPG-style campaigns, through real-time battles, and triumph victorious. Surprise attack, counterattack, or engage in multiple actions simultaneously, use superior tactics to rise up. Battle against millions of players worldwide.

Forge huge alliances with other commanders from around the world. Join exhilarating events: World Boss, Guild Wars, World Wide Wars and much more, to win priceless rewards everyday. Fight alongside your global allies, but beware of schemers and backstabbers. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours! Discuss strategies with your friends through in-game real-time chat channels, and built-in translation function.

FREE TO PLAY mobile game with in-app purchases.
NOTE: This game requires an internet connection to play.

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