Funny Fighters

This competitive and zany game features a variety of wild n wacky modes. Pick up crazy weapons alongside your trusty teammates, and devastate your opponents while you laugh your head off all the way through the game!
Play this unique competitive game to show your skills within a 5-minute fight.
【A clash of crazy characters】
The stylish Barber Tony, Dr. Peculiar with his Afro-hair, the fashionable and feisty DJ, or the strict school teacher… Which misfit will you pick to battle in the epic mashup?! Nerdy Nelly may stun you with his textbooks but your teammate, Horseman, may come to heal you. In this game, you will meet all sorts of powerful characters. It’s time to show you what you’re made of!
【A collection of wacky weapons】
See the Gas Tanks, Selfie Sticks, and Luggage lying on the ground? Why not attack your opponents with them!? Whether you want to use the Firebomb Gourd to scorch your opponents like a fire dragon, or throw a stinky poop right on your opponent’s face, it’s yours to decide! Just be careful when detonating a Gas Tank, their explosions are pretty big! With dozens of funny weapons awaiting you, you better hurry up and join the fight now!
【A comedic clash】
How much fun can you have within a 5 minute game? In Funny Fighters, the fun is never ending! Wanna switch several weapons to kill enemies in the Classic Mode? Check! Wanna toss your enemies into the poison surrounding the arena in the Battle Royale mode? Check! Check! You’re bound to have a blast playing all our various modes!
【An epic battle of memes】
Being treated like a noob? Challenge them to an epic meme war! You may lose the battle, but you can prevail in the meme wars! Now team up with your friends and join the fray. Together, you can emerge victorious against all the other funny fighters!

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