Fridge Party – Feed the Cats

Feed the hungry cats with whatever you find in households’ fridges before they wake up! Keep the fridge partying tour going from one house to another while the town’s asleep.

– Enjoy unique core game mechanics 
Throw food to hungry cats, collect sweet items. Check out different modes and why not… wrap the party with cakes and sweets once the main menu is eaten.

– Knock out dozens of exciting levels 
Keep the “Fridge Party” tour rolling over the town and over the seasons and holidays. Explore new sweets and impressions on each new location.

– Make your best to get all fed on time 
Make it on time – right before the household gets awakened! Catch and collect desired gems to earn more points for getting proficient.

We’ve made this game with love and hope a lot you would enjoy it! Whenever you have something to share with us about the game we’d appreciate you reaching out to us at 
Thank you!

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