Forts Mobile

In this game, you play as a Lord in charge of your own floating isle! Design your isle’s foundation with building blocks and summon Heroes from different factions! Battle other Lords in fast-paced PvP battles at anytime and anywhere!

What do you get when you combine [tower defense], [strategy], and [fast-paced PvP]? Play now and find out!

▶ ▶Fast-Paced, 2-Minute Battles◀◀
Jump right into the action with short, 2-minute tower defense battles! Experience an all-new clash of isles and Heroes!

▶ ▶Make New Friends or Rivals◀◀
Compete against players from around the world in the Sky Arena! Every battle is a thrilling clash of wits.

▶ ▶Sandbox Base Building◀◀
Use building blocks to create your own isle and showcase your creativity! Build with both offense and defense in mind!

▶ ▶Enter a Magnificent World, Meet Diverse Heroes◀◀
Instantly deploy Heroes to quickly switch between offense and defense! Command Heroes with unique skills that match their roles in the story. View Hero bios and discover their rich backstories.

▶ ▶Faction Buildings, Strategic Combos◀◀
Build unique defense structures from each of the four major factions. Try out different strategies in your pursuit of being the best!

▶ ▶Abundant Benefits, Easy Upgrades◀◀
Quickly upgrade your ideal lineup with endless gifts and rewards. Skip the grind and get straight to the action!

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Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.
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