Fortress Isles: Sky War

[Fortress Isles: Sky War] is an online strategy game with elements of tower defense, real-time PvP, and base building. In this game, you play as a lord in charge of your own floating isle. Design your isle’s foundation, lay out defense structures, and assign Heroes to defend key locations. Explore a fantasy world, fight in intense real-time battles, meet trusted allies, and battle other Lords to become the true ruler of the skies!

Key Features
☆A New Way to Play Tower Defense☆
-Lead your base into battle in this unique clash of isles and Heroes!
-Test your skills of both troop command and defense layout in battle!

☆Make New Friends or Rivals☆
-Compete against players from around the world in intense, real-time battles!
-Form a party with friends to explore dungeons and defeat powerful bosses!

☆Sandbox Base Building☆
-Use building blocks to create your own isle with both offense and defense in mind!

☆Meet a Diverse Cast of Heroes☆
-Command Heroes with unique skills and talents that match their roles in the story. View Hero bios and discover their rich backstories.
-Instantly deploy Heroes to quickly switch between offense and defense.

☆Earn Offline Rewards☆
-Get large amounts of EXP and rewards while you idle. Skip the grind and play at your own pace!

☆Challenge Endless Stages☆
-A wide variety of stages in Fantasia that range from strategic skirmishes to all-out clashes of might!
-Enjoy the fun of tower defense and unlock rewards!

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