Five Stars : Heaven’s Door

“However you are young, old, fat, slim, anybody who can pick up a sword assemble!”
While the emperor and the prince went missing during exploration of the new world,
Vladi’s army invaded the empire’s capital for revenge.
Crumbling down empire in the endless chaos. Taken princess.
Who will achieve his justice in the tornado of selfish desire

Five Stars : Heaven’s Door
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◆Strategic battle using diverse hero cahracters.
Collect more than 50 different characters to make your own deck and defeat an opponent with effective displacement and strategy.

◆PVE / PVP contents
You can level up your heroes clearing dungeons and getting a reward
Test your skills against other players through PVP arena

◆Adventure with guildmates
Cooperation is the only way to survive.
Create a guild with other players and conquer other guilds to be a victor

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