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1, This game in the gorgeous bullet attack special effects make the game more gorgeous cool, in the rain of bullets to show your superb positioning.

2,The game has a variety of guns and weapons for players to choose from, a variety of powerful weapons so that players love this game more.

3,There are a variety of powerful bosses waiting for players to challenge, each boss attack method is also very different, to bring players a new challenge.

Unique gameplay
1, In this game the reasonable use of props, clever use of tactical skills can make you easy to break through the success.

2、Waves of enemies are coming, so you can enjoy the top shooting game thrill, making the whole game process more interesting.

3、The game’s graphics are exquisite and smooth, and the dynamic music makes players immerse themselves in the whole refreshing game process!

New system
1, In this game you have to do is to control the character to kill all the incoming monsters, so as to protect their own territory.

2、Be sure to pay attention to dodge the monsters’ attacks and show your superb positioning, which is the key to survive.

3, The face of different monster lineups, you can choose different weapons to easily destroy them.

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