Firestrike Tactics

An epic sci-fi war strategy game with a real-time battlefield. Be a rebel to fight against the AI tyranny!

The galaxy is at war. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the AI enemy’s Central Neuron with a legion to reign supreme in this world. This is a simulation war game delivering a brand-new sci-fi story and tactical battle experience. This game adopts a competition season system.

1. This is a beta release for testing the game.
2. There will be free resource giveaway only available in this release!
3. Your progress may be reset after the test period.
4. Our Facebook: Firestrike tactics


Deep Strategic Gameplay
•Develop your base into a strong hold by collecting resources, training troops, researching technologies, etc
•Go deep into war fog to explore unknown lands and encounter new challenges
•Expand your terroritory to occpuy more rich lands
•Don’t stop improving yourself and be determined to compete with others for a final victory

Fight as Legions
•Join a legion to occupy bigger territory and rich mining fields
•Engage into large-scale wars against other legions
•The final victory always belongs to the legion whose members work hard and stand as one

Immersive Real-Time Battle
•Battles happen in real-time on the map
•Strategies employed by you happen in real-time, like freely stationing troops anywhere or joining already existing battles or retreating to cut down on losses
•Powerful tactical weapons, like “Orbit Ion Cannon”, are available in a combat
•Up to 30 troops are allowed to engage in a battle on a single sector of land

Enormous Open World
•The world is mainly a vast continent divided into different zones, in which each faction will battle against each other to gain access to the next one
•Map is dotted with different elements including NPCs, resource points, or dreadful Bosses

Mighty Captains & Unique Troops
•28 battle-hardened captains and 6 different types of troops will aid you into the battlefield
•Unlock powerful skills by modifying captains’ DNA and enjoy buffs by collecting captains of the same squad
•Different troops can be equiped with special equipments like Plasma Gun
•Work out the strategy. Wisely mix captain and troop for better success



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