Evolution: Dragon X

Summon and train dragons, hire trainers and unveil the mysteries of the dragon world!

======Game Features======

-Easy leveling up and developing your dragons.
Collect and evolve dragons, unlock their talents, discover various skill combinations, and hire skillful trainers in the village to create a truly unique team. With the ability to reset dragons, trainers and everything in game, you can change and adjust your strategy on the fly!

-Auto mode, say no to grind!
New online Auto Mode available! Dragons can sweep enemies before the boss stage on their own, enabling you to completely focus on strategic BOSS trials.

-Idle resource collection
Dragons never stop exploring, even when you are offline. All the resources required for dragon development will be auto-collected. Lacking resources? Take a rest!

-Strategic Gameplay
Daily Refreshed Dungeons can not only satisfy your resource needs, but also provide you with roguelite stages, puzzle solving mazes, and strategic boss challenges. Solve all the mysteries of the Dragon World!

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