Everlasting Lineage

New 3DMMO magic mobile game. Warrior, prophet, ranger, classic battle method bow three classes, free PK, world BOSS and blood alliance PVP confrontation and other end game classic elements, heavy weight back! Call on the old brothers to step on the road again!

[game features]

●The same screen with 100 people, many people in the wild violent PK
Cross-service PK, unlimited kill, 100 people alliance war, blood alliance passion chaos, the original combat experience, comprehensive and rich PK competitive gameplay, let your blood boil up again, blood war to the end!

●The interest dispute between blood league and blood league, peaceful development or intense confrontation, let you have immersive experience, war or peace, alliance or hostility, all the gameplay is up to you!

●A variety of fashion, cool riding domineering show
Mobile game, the whole career can choose men and women, rich weapons, fashion, wings, horses, pets, so that you can not stop changing clothes, experience the unique and most fashionable wonderful pleasure!

●United, far and near attack; Attack cities and territory, fight with real people, exchange military aircraft, form a coalition, expand and devour the world! Real players fighting courage, IQ and eq double purgatory!

●In the bright world with vast resources, you will be ready to start your journey! In this vast land, you can not only experience the magical western medieval style, but also feel the authenticity of PVP combat in the real ancient battlefield!

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