Eudemons Online

Eudemon system is unique in “Eudemons Online”. Every beginner will get two eudemons after they first log in. With the development of game, you can summon three eudemons at last!

The Living Weapon And Armor–the Converging System of “Eudemons Online”

The appearance of eudemons not only changed the number contrast between monsters and you, but also overturns the strength contrast. An eudemon is not only your fellow but also the strongest living weapon. Converging with different type of eudemons, you will combine with different attributes. Your attack and defence will both be improved greatly. Everyone can summon and compose with three eudemons at the same time at most. There are a wide range of eudemons in “Eudemon Online”, every eudemon has his unique attributes. How to arrange the eudemons is a question that you should consider carefully.

The Endless Growth–The Composing System of “Eudemons Online”

Everything that keeps still will be eliminated at last! The eudemons in “Eudemons Online” never stop in the way of growth and is always full of youthful spirit. With the upleveling of eudemons, they can have two evolvements, every time they will have a new look. And they may get gifts in this process. Gifts will not only bring you more fun but also is to honor you as a host.

The growth of eudemons does not follows the only direction. You can compose two eudemons to improve one eudemon’s quality greatly at the cost of another. Main attribute composing, sub-attribute quality composing and original attribute composing greatly enrich the contents of game. Except the great improvement of quality, composing is also the only way to improve the rank of eudemons! The eudemon’s rank improvement from common to super will bring you the true success!

The Online Fighting Game: XP Skill System

The exciting experience of combat is everyone’s pursuit! You can experience the unique of fighting games in “Eudemons Online”. The XP bar will be added with time, you can activate it when the XP bar is full. XP skill is different from other skills, you can even kill the boss with ease in XP time.

The Real Affection in A Virtual Word– the Mentor System

“Eudemons Online” prepares the mentor system for those warm-hearted people. The win-win strategy through the mentor system can be fully expressed by the mentor system.

As a beginner in “Eudemons Online”, you may be confused. You can go the the Beginner’s Guild to find a mentor. A mentor can help to answer your questions and impart you some experience. You can get 10% extra experience in combat after you have found a mentor. You can even get 20% extra experience with your mentor in the same team.

A mentor is not a NPC but a real player in game. Once you have achieved the required level, you can also be a mentor. The process from an apprentice to a mentor is the essence of mentor system. As a mentor, you can get the award experience from your apprentice who has achieved certain level. If your apprentice becomes a mentor too, you can gain experience from your apprentice’s apprentice. The chain is endless.

The Unique Forging System

Love what you have and your name as a forger will be recorded.

What the equipment brings to its owner is not only powerful attack and defence, but also extreme reputation and honor! Every glorious equipment records its owner’s name and his painstaking effort. The name of the forger will be written in the history of the game with the weapon.

Battle Power is not only used to compare the strength, it plays an important part in game. If your Battle Power is higher than your enemy, you are likely to kill

Eudemons Online for US/UK/CA Regions:

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