Eternal Ember

The world is shrouded in darkness, and monsters are raging…but it doesn’t matter at all, we just want to be the more brutal dungeon predators than evil forces! Hearing that we are approaching, the goblins in the cave will hide and cry, and the wandering skeletons will hurriedly nail their coffin boards. All monsters, you’d better hide your own treasures, rich trophies can only strengthen us! You are trying to let darkness cover the world, and we are your darkness.

Game Features

Dark-Fantasy Dungeon
Ah~ look at this adorable skeleton, what a welcoming dungeon. Hey there! The ghoul hiding there, come out and play with me.

Idle Strategy For Your Squad
Four heroes can be dispatched at the same time for the adventure. You, as the commander, not only need to consider the class arrangements, but also need to adjust the positions of the heroes. After setting the strategy, you just need to relax and watch the heroes automatically engage in exciting battles.

Customized Build
If you like to grind, the game is full of loots. Over 100 kinds of weapons and gears are waiting for your. There is also the enchantment system, which can randomly switch the stats of any gear. Don’t underestimate the broken wooden stick in my hand. Its real name is: Heaven and Earth Cracking Prajna and Thunder Rod!

No Gacha
We know that if we sell the heroes, no one would buy it, so why not let’s play it for free.

Various Classes
There are heroes of various classes in the game. Currently, there are 8 classes avaliable: Crusader, Ranger, Priest, Berserker, Hunter, Shaman, Sorcerer and Necro Knight. Each hero can also unlock exclusive ultimate skills, completely change hero function and strategy, and create more genre of tactical play.

Vast Continent
The continents in the game are divided into the following major plates: Each plate has various levels and various fierce monsters. Waiting for you to challenge.


“Eternal Embers” is a free world and hope you can like it as much as we do. The game is currently in Beta version, and looking forward to seeing you officially soon.


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