Era of Dragon Trainer

ERA of DRAGON TRAINER is a next generation 3D aerial magic dragon ride ARPG mobile game. The development team of 146 people spent 21 months presenting the 2020 next generation game screen, 121 scene map area of more than 60,000 square kilometers, the top technology to achieve a single server of ten thousand persons.

[Dragon Knight Go for a Battle!]
Three great dragon knights, the fierce warrior, the elegant mage and the handsome demon hunter, go for a battle hand in hand, vowing to repel the fierce demon and letting the world restore peace and tranquility!

[fierce dragon the strongest blood]
36 dragons are waiting for you! They not only can be added to the stats, but also can be a mount. Launch the dragoon combat ability to dive down and make the devil tremble in the dragon way!

[The strongest team Hunt the World Boss]
Every time the powerful cross-server World Boss appears, a rare bonus is bound to appear. Summon friends and form the strongest battle to hunt the World Boss!

[RVR in the ancient battlefield ]
We creatively introduce the ancient battlefield In 3D ARPG mobile game : cross-suit combat +MOBA battlefield +5V5 team competition + super high bonus of continuous killing!

[60000km mobile phone creates a visual feast]
Forest, fog, desert, deep sea, mountain, desert… Super rich scene with the next generation game engine, dynamic light and shadow rendering to achieve ultra hd special effects. Mobile phone can also create a visual feast!

[Set up the guild to dominate all the servers]
Form guilds with good friends, fight demons together, collect epic equipment, defeat all competitors, and become the most powerful guild of all!

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