Era of Discord: Dawn Storm

Grand action MMORPG with the tale among thearchy. The unique game mode combined perfectly with the brand new social and battle system.

Three different classes and more coming in the late version. The man who is in charge of the sword of magic; The lady who can command the element as what she want; The warrior who accidentally broke dozens of powerful weapon; What’s your choice?

There are plenty of mysterious monsters living in the land of EOD. Explore every corner of the world and beat the evil BOSS ! For treasure and glory! 
Don’t you want be a hero? The best opponent of man is always man. Epic cross-server war ! Thrilling and breath-taking action graphics. Unleash your powerful skill, destroy your enemy ! 
The most ancient and fantastic creature in the land. Somehow, they are amicable to the man who are chosen by the thearchy. Let them fly you all over the world and conquer this skyland !
Completely free and open market for all adventurers, with variety of goods sold. Only the mystery you can not imagine.

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