Elemental Guardians

The return of the authentic RPG I was looking for!!!
Heroes, skills, attributes, controls… everything becomes a strategy and fun
being a game! Challenge the dungeon and prove your strength through the arena.

▶ Strategic battle system based on real-time operation

– Form an optimal party and dodge the enemy’s deadly skills
– Defeat enemies effectively using the attributes of heroes and enemies
– Attack the weak points of the boss with the control and let’s win

▶ A variety of unique heroes and growth methods

has 5 attributes and 6 classes. Character balance is quite good, from low-grade characters to high-ranking characters, each has their own unique skills, and the difference in abilities is not large, so no matter how low-grade characters are, if they are raised well, they will show negligible performance. In particular, when equipped with exclusive equipment, the skill of the hero is further strengthened.

▶ Resource supply and hero enhancement at once [Aerial Fortress Raftel]

– Build various production buildings in Raftel to produce various resources such as gold, reinforcement stones, and experience potions.
-Each job’s ability goes up just by building a job building!!! Strengthen your preferred job
– Upgrade the City Hall to build more buildings!!
– Decorate your own unique town by combining various buildings in the construction menu!

▶ Fight with a strong boss [A strong enemy appears]

– A strong enemy appears in the middle of the adventure !!
– Let up to 5 users cooperate to defeat powerful enemies
– You can obtain boss equipment drawings and crafting materials by defeating strong enemies.
– Let’s craft more powerful combat equipment with the materials obtained

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