Echoes of Magic

Echoes of Magic is a fantasy MMORPG where you can mix and match your hero’s skills freely. Brave Adventurer, to protect the little town you’ve lived in all your life, you must undergo hardships, summit Snow Mountain, and take on the Great Dragon! But when you defeat the dragon, you discover another, massive conspiracy is brewing, and a greater crisis is looming! Adventurer, you must set foot on a journey to protect your loved ones, your homeland, and the world!

*300+ Skills, Merge to Upgrade

In this game, all skills are upgraded by merging two into one. Unlike any other MMO, after every battle, the player can select their favorite skills from a pool of random ones. Merge, merge and merge! Upgrade skills by merging them together! No need to repeat stages over and over grinding for materials until you can craft a skill. All you need is a little luck and the right strategy, and you can form the ultimate skill combos.

*20+ Traits: Strategize your combination to survive till the end!

The 300+ skills in the game can be mixed and matched to form Traits, which provide even more powerful effects. Breaking the mold of other MMOs, in this game there are no fixed development paths. You can choose to give an Assassin the ability to summon, and also give a Mage HP lifesteal capabilities. All skills and traits are up to you to form. But, remember, you only have 5 active skill and 4 passive skill slots to choose from. So choose wisely how you combine your unique, powerful skill traits!

*100+ Weapons & Equipment, No Classes, No Restrictions

Forget those cut-and-dried Class divisions in other MMOs. In Echoes of Magic, if you pick up a wand, then you’re a storm-summoning Wizard. If you pick up a bow, then you’re a sharp-shooting Marksman. Switch equipment and weapons freely. A true Hero has an arsenal of fighting styles at their disposal in order to deal with the myriad monsters they might encounter.

*10+ Bosses, 100+ Monsters — Let your monster hunt begin!

The world of Echoes of Magic is riddled with dangers of every shape and stripe. The mysterious jungle is crawling with Goblin tribes, the gloomy dungeon is haunted with bone-chilling ghouls, and atop the frigid Snow Mountain slumber yetis and mammoths. And at the end of these maps, a more sinister Boss awaits your challenge. A spider demoness, an ancient automaton, a frost dragon… and who knows what else? Meticulously fashion your gear, wisely select skills, and strategically pair them together! Powerful beasts are lurking in the darkness. Only a true Hero can defeat them!

Dear Adventurers:
Welcome to the world of EoM!
This version is an open beta test with purchases enabled, with approximately 14 days of content for you to try out. During this time, if you have any suggestions or comments about the game, we would love for you to let us know via FB or email. As the first Adventurers to set foot in the world of EoM, your criticism and feedback is extremely valuable to us! Your input will guide us as we continually improve and tweak the game. And of course, with each update we make, we will give out a reward to go along with it~
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Echoes of Magic.

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