Dream Land

In this endless, quiet desert, we have to work hard to survive by constantly planting crops and mining resources. Everything we do is for survival. We must continuously improve our skills, collect more resources, and repair our spaceship to take us back to our warm home.
Base Construction
• Recruit members with different specialties. Construct our strong base according to the different skills of the various members.
• Build and upgrade tons of buildings to help us unite with allies and collect more resources.
• Research new technology to quickly build spaceships and make weapons.

Alliance Help
• Work alongside your allies to defeat the enemy.
• Constantly research technology, gather mineral energy, and fortify your territory.
• Join the just cause of defending peace.

Battle Mode
• Real-time PvP battles on the enormous world map!
• Establish powerful troops and forces.
• Expand the alliance territory by annexing dangerous space creature’s territories and enemy’s lands.

Multiple Tasks
• Plant various crops to survive on the desolate alien planet.
• Mine minerals to construct our strong territory.
• Hunt animals to supplement our physical resources.

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