Dragon Pet 2

On a snowy peak of an ancient mountain you have found a magic dragon egg. All you need to do is to take care of it and with time, it will hatch into tiny baby dragon. Now your wonderful adventure can begin – play, train and cuddle with your cute pet.

Have you ever wondered how to train your dragon? Now you can experience it and more in Dragon Pet 2. The sequel of one of the first and best pet mobile games is here. The ultimate next generation in tamagotchi-like experience brought to you by game design worthy of a 21st century mobile game experience.


Main features:
★ take care of your dragons and they will evolve with time
★ play fetch the ball, prepare meals or control the weather
★ dragons love treasures, sleep on them.. so collect precious coins, gems and jewels to fill dragon cave to the brim
★ it’s absolutely possible to play offline, no wifi or internet required to enjoy this game
★ customize your dragon with multiple different clothes or armors
★ train your dragon and clash with monsters in the Arena to make him stronger
★ avoid obstacles, collect resources and make the longest run in a dragon runner
★ switch into adventure mode and explore wilderness or battle fantasy creatures on a open world mystical island
★ collect achievements, achieve best scores and compete with your friends in online leaderboards
★ raise power of your best dragogotchi pet in this great dragon game
★ become a farmer, grow food and other resources or just build what you need and modify the environment in this simulation game
★ jewel match 3 mini game with bonuses and power ups
★ find and unlock mystery paths leading to new abilities
★ merge food in a cauldron, create meals and feed your tiny dragon to be best dragomon
★ tame your dragon and become the best dragon trainer in the whole world

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