Dragon Knight : Realm Clash

Stepping into this adventurous world, all you need to do is to rally heroes on this land and build powerful troops, ones that are adept at both attacking and defending. From here the story begins. Train your troops and deploy them in different combinations to restrain your opponent, thus obtaining power that can put an end to wars.
[Dragon Knight : Realm Clash] is a strategy battle game where you can enjoy “guilt-free” play through its classic idle-styled gameplay. If you are a fan of western cartoon and strategy games, how could you not come and experience the excitement of training dragons and engaging in battles, all that can be done in this game?

[Cute and Captivating Western Cartoon Style]
This cute strategy game features cute characters with vivid graphics that are going to give you an adventure experience like never before.

[Fast Leveling , A Relaxing Experience with Idle Gameplay]
The unique idle style gameplay is going to set your hands free. Hero collection and cultivation can be done easily with the idle system in this game. Get unlimited resources 24/7 and be surprised every single time you log in the game!

[Different Hero Skills and Talents , Flexible Combination and Battles]
Every hero comes with different skills and talents. By making strategic use of your heroes to restrain your opponent, you can easily crush them on the battlefields.

[Dragon Legion , Powerful Back-up]
Tame dragons and have them as your servants! Control the timing of their aiding attacks, you can turn the tide of the battlefield at any crucial time!

[A Variety of Gameplay]
All kinds of challenges, treasure hunts, battles and village raids await. While experiencing the gameplay, you can obtain items and resources to become stronger.

[Hone Your Skills , Become the Final Winner]
Challenge the arena and climb to the highest tier in order to win boundless loots and unlimited glory! There is even a cross-server arena where you can fight various opponents.

[A Wide Variety of Heroes ,Have Sidekicks at Your Side]
Make the troop combination tactically to restrict your opponent, thus defeating them. Every hero has their own sidekicks who assist them on the battlefield.

[Heroes at Your Disposal , Win Battle With Wits]
Countless heroes and three types of troops who are mutually restrictive. Use your wits to make the best formation and crush your enemies!
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