Dragon and lords

New multiplayer real-time online strategy game.
With the help of the dragon, they rebuild their homes and seize resources to develop their own country.
Build your own army, train swordsmen, archers, cavalry, chariots and knights, defeat wild animals wandering in the wilderness, capture castles of other players, and train your own dragons. Build alliances to fight with players all over the world, assemble troops to defend against enemy attacks or attack other people’s territory, hunt and execute Dragons of others. Use different tactics to win the war and conquer other kingdoms.

Game features
Development territory
Reclaim more land
Construction and upgrading of territorial buildings
Research on Higher Technologies to Achieve Additional Benefits

Cultivate and Upgrade the Dragon
Build stronger equipment for the Dragon
The dragon that hunts others

Defeat monsters and plunder resources
Defending or attacking other people’s castles
Participate in a decisive battle between alliances


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