Doomsday dawn

The world has become a wasteland—maggots feeding on corpses, the howls of aberrant beasts filling the air. Civilization has been swallowed by dust, and homes have been reduced to nothing more than graves. Mankind itself has been forced underground, never again to see the light of day…

What would you do in this future without hope?

Would you rally other brave humans to take a last stand for mankind, dying a martyr between the jaws of a hellish Aberrant?

Or would you retreat into the shadowy underground, treated like cattle left to watch as the torch of humanity is eventually snuffed out?

Humanity doesn’t want either of these fates. No, what humanity wants—what humanity is yearning for—is a brave, strategic leader to unite all of mankind in a reclamation of the surface. And this person will surely appear! Appear to restore mankind’s final shred of hope for the future. Is that person you, Commander?

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