Dino War

Introducing a new era in MMO strategy gaming; the war of the future is upon us.

The beasts were supposed to mark a new stage of global evolution. But they were turned against us. Civilization as we knew it collapsed. Borders disappeared, governments dissolved and the walls went up. Now every woman, man and child must fight to survive. It is an age of war; Dino War.

Join Lt. Stryker and the Resistance in the fight for humanity now!


Beasts – Mighty engineered beasts! From T-Rex to King Kong, control your behemoths with SMART plugins which can be enhanced and refined according to your strategy.

War – Crank up your stats, pump out your troops and watch your dinosaurs stomp their way to glory.

Alliances – Forge friendships in the Wilds and combine forces to pulverize your enemies.

Trade – Make serious diamonds by producing materials and trading them with other Commanders.

Survival – Collect items and resources to fortify your Base and army. But watch out for your neighbors, they too will do whatever it takes to survive.

Global Threat – The New Dawn Army grows in power every day. Defeat the mutant forces and foil Dr. Claw’s plot in exchange for massive rewards.

Art – Groundbreaking 3D animation and artwork new to the mobile strategy genre.

Story – Immersive new game world of epic proportions, with kickass characters and subplots to explore.

Social – Chat with thousands of like-minded players across the world using the real-time translation tool.

The Closed Beta Test runs from Jan 22nd to March 23rd 2018.

Please note:
– In-game payments are disabled for the Closed Beta Test.
– Account binding is currently unavailable.
– The game is still in development and being improved daily! If you find any bugs or have any suggestions or questions, please contact our support team. Hit the “?” button below the diamond icon in the upper right corner of your screen for more details, or contact direct at: contact_dw@funplus.com
– For any helpful feedback we receive, we’ll shoot you a small reward in-game in gratitude!

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