Dino Terror 3: Jurassic Escape

Face deadlier dino attack and solve the dino puzzle to become escape master. Use your cunning to escape the dino adventure traps and strategically dominate the dino.

Are you ready for a survive of Jurassic, ferocious dino attack? How about taking one of the most challenging dino adventure of your lifetime? With this amazing dino survival game, you must prepare to face the deadliest of dino games action ever. Prepare for deadlier dino puzzle levels and face more intense dino attacks where you have to keep on your toes to escape the dino attack. The impossible escape game is a perfect fusion of adrenaline rush and strategic fighting simulation that you need to get a feeler of how it is like to face a ferocious animal. Solve the survival puzzle and become the ultimate escape master. Use the weapons available at your disposal but make sure that you know the right way to find the arsenal you need to cope with the dino attack. Find your way out from impossible escape levels and think cleverly to outsmart the deadly animal.
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Dino Terror 3 – Jurassic Escape

Adrenaline Rush Dino Games
Dino Terror 3 comes with more deadly challenges and more intense escape adventure challenges to test your impossible escape skills. Face the ferocity of a deadly dinosaur, Sapphire, who is back more powerful than ever. Her only goal is to destroy you but you must move strategically to survive and escape the dino attack.

Solve Dinosaur Survival Puzzle
The only way to make your way out from the impossible adventure level is to solve the dinosaur survival puzzle and find the best escape master route out of the level. Solve the dino adventure game to become the best escape master and show your smart escaping skills.

Impossible Escape Adventure
Prepare to face the most impossible escape adventure where danger lurks on every nook and corner. Move from one room to the next one to find and retrieve weapons. Use guns and special arsenal to injure the dinosaur and prevent the dino attack in dino adventure game.

Make Your Way Out
The game offers smooth controls with an interesting storyline. Move left or right in any direction to find an escape path. Use the gestures to open the doors to rooms and enter the space to find useful things.

Features of Dino Terror 3 – Jurassic Escape
• Simple and easy to play dino games UI/UX
• Participate in the ultimate survival puzzle dino adventure
• Face deadly dino attack and use strategic fighting to win
• Find the weapons and retrieve them to kill the ferocious animal
• Impossible escape rooms to test your escape adventure skills
• Go from room to room to find your escape master route
• Be cunning and clever to move smartly and outwit the animal
• Dinosaur survival adventure with new challenges and dangers
• Unlock new kinds of weapons to improve your dinosaur survival chances
• Face the dino attach and solve the dino puzzle to be on your top game
• Jump from one escape adventure level to the next one to polish skill

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