Dino Rise – das Spiel By Playmobil

Get the Playmobil Dino Rise app and become part of Team Dino Rise!
Send dinosaurs equipped with flamethrowers and projectiles across the field and win the all-important battle for Dino Rock. With crazy attacks and special attacks you can put robots and drones in their place and gradually free your dinosaurs from the clutches of the Comet Corporation.

In the Texas desert, between Uncle Rob’s Ranch and the legendary Dino Rock, you lead Team Dino Rise in the fight against the Comet Corporation. But your team is not complete: Ludmilla kidnapped the dinosaurs! So before you can thwart the nasty plans of the Comet Corporation, you have to fight for your dinosaurs with Ian and his T-Rex “Big-T” in front of the gates of the Comet Corporation! Only when Team Dino Rise is reunited will the all-important battle for Dino Rock begin …

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