Diesel Soldiers: World War

The Second World War did not end in 1945. Armed conflicts swept the USSR, Germany, USA, Japan and China and lasted decades. The war seems endless, and to win it, we got involved in an arms race. Tesla installations, armored suits with exo-skeletons were invented, tanks and machine guns were modified. For you, this is an alternative reality, for us – the world in which we live and fight. Join us, lead your own squad, choose and pump weapons, as well as uniforms and skills to become the best fighter in Diesel Soldiers: World War.

A breathtaking mixture of Diesel Punk and WWII atmosphere. Evaluate the capabilities of unique tanks modified with Tesla installations. Test the know-how of military medicine in battle – a protective dome that reduces projectile damage. WEAPONS: Machine guns, shotguns, machine guns, knives, grenades, tanks and much more! HEROES: Gather your squad and pump soldiers with different skills – each of them is able to solve special combat tasks. PHYSICS: Explode, dodge, squat, use the game map and terrain wisely!


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