Devil Amongst Us! Social Deduction Game!

Devils Amongst Us is a real-time online multiplayer game with 4-10 players in a haunted mansion.
Create your own Silly Avatar and get selected to play as a “Silly” or a “Devil”.

► Story-line Evil spirits have been residing in a huge Mansion for many years. The only way to set the mansion free from these spirits is by completing all the mini tasks inside the mansion, but beware of these spirits who will sabotage your task. The game is similar to werewolf & mafia that you have been playing all this while.
► GamePlay ? All the players enter the haunted mansion and a few get possessed by the Devil to play the role of imposter in the game. Every player will have a task to complete.
► Vote There is a voting round after every dead body reported or when an emergency call is made. Vote to evict the Devil, but be careful not to evict an Innocent Silly since you will be helping the Devils win the game.

► Devils Goal Devils win the game by eliminating the rest of the Silly’s
► Sillys Goal Complete all the mini tasks inside the mansion or Find and Vote out Devils

Silly Universe
Customize your Silly with many different skins and hat combinations

Coming Soon
There are 3 modes in Devil Amongst Us.
1. Original (Social Deduction)
2. Hide n Seek (Coming Soon)
3. Cops N Robbers – Jail Break (Coming Soon)
We also have Voice Chat and Game Settings Customization coming shortly !

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