Launch exploding balls into various types of crazy rooms and destroy everything!

Welcome to DESTROBALL – a game like none other! It is a new addicting arcade game, a bit like pinball. It’s more relaxing than fidget spinner, you won’t stop tapping! Have fun while shooting balls into buildings and destroying everything with explosions. Blast through beautiful worlds like the Lab, Pirates and Egypt and unlock all the monumental levels! Collect diamonds, unlock and test all the crazy Destroballs like Bee, Bird, Crystal, Rocket, Plant or Cupcake! Find your favorite one, because each behaves differently. Have fun, be the best and destroy everything!

– Tap to activate wall bouncers to speed up your ball
– Bounce the ball from objects to get points and charge it
– When charged, activate balls special to destroy objects! Kaboom!
– When you destroy enough objects, your ball can fly to another room to deliver more –
– Use Shake to save your ball and make it move!
– Collect enough points to unlock new rooms and new worlds!
– Collect diamonds, unlock new Destroballs and upgrade them!

– 3 unique worlds to unlock
– 24 beautiful rooms to destroy
– 49 crazy balls to collect
– Lots of upgrades

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