Departing Terra

Welcome, Commander, to the First and Last Space EXODUS of Mankind.

Departing Terra is an immersive MMO Strategy game set in a sci-fi apocalyptic world. Humans finally failed the earth and had to exile themselves to a distant galaxy, Rane, in search of a new home. However, the journey itself was not the only challenge heading into the future. A betrayal, a treason… or whatever you may call it, broke out and caused a great division of surviving humans, leaving you the Commander of a fleet, facing the now-hostile former comrades in this barren and unforgiving spaces.

Plunder resources, form alliances, reinforce bases and outsmart your enemies to prevail as a predator instead of losing as a prey. The war will be cruel, but the competition will be fair.


*EMBARK ON a fully immersive EXODUS towards unknown galaxies!
See the vast universe with the free 360-degree viewing as you pilot spacecrafts personally in epic space warfare! Resources are essential to your growth, but they are scarce to find. You’ll have to prey on the rebels and even other players for your own survival.

*ONE Universe FOR ALL players. Unlimited Challenges Await!
Joining players from around the world, you’ll be able to challenge opponents of similar level or defend the invasion of forceful predators. Prevail, and be greatly rewarded with vast resources. Predominate, and be honorably ranked globally.

*OPTIMIZE your Fleet with the OPTIMAL line-up!
Each vessel is unique and irreplaceable in battles! Some excel in massive-destruction, some pack serious heat as one-point-buster, and some serve best as indestructible cannon-fodder for allies. Victory is all about the skilled deployment!

*Improve your Colony Ship and make your defense impregnable!
Deploy your warships and turrets, along with your equipments and guards to fend off those who dare violate your territory & wealth, and advance in ranks as you win battles!

*Join an Alliance, you are not alone!
Together we stand, divided we fall! Alliance is a nexus of players, through which you can trade Ore with your alliance members, benefit from Alliance Techs and participate in Galactic Conquests.

*Various Strategic Gameplays guaranteeing endless excitement!
You’ll find a variety of strategic gameplays with different scales and rules here, including but not limited to: Rebel Suppression, Star Scramble 1v1, Star Scramble 3v3, Interstellar Battle and the essential Alliance Gameplay: Galactic Conquests. Galactic Conquest offers a grand battle royal for up to 10 Alliances and 500 players, which will be fiercer than ever!

Now construct your own space station and lead your fleet to victories after victories! With the last hope of human civilization in hand, will you be the one ending this hundred-year wandering?

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