Defense Zone 2 for Android

Enhanced Tower Defense Experience in HD Resolution

The creators of Defense Zone, a popular Tower Defense game with beautiful graphics and finely balanced levels, today announced the release of Defense Zone 2 HD. The new version offers even more detailed and impressive visuals, three more weapons and 13 levels of absorbing gameplay.

Defense Zone was originally developed as a better alternative to traditional Tower Defense games with unbalanced difficulty settings and confused interface. Highly appreciated by Tower Defense fans, Defense Zone required strategic thinking, as there was no superweapon, and only smart combinations of turrets could help the player win. The game featured a fine balance of resources, weapon power, number of enemy units and their vitality. Many types of beautiful landscapes and realistic visual effects greatly contributed to the game´s popularity.

The new version of Defense Zone has not suffered any radical changes: it is mostly the same Defense Zone, but deeper and richer. The new features enhance the player´s experience, making the gameplay even more absorbing. For example, the backdrops are more detailed and picturesque, enemy units and the player´s towers are redesigned and cast shadows, and the game soundtrack consists of 12 epic compositions. As for the weaponry, Defense Zone 2 HD offers two more turrets and an airstrike, which can be effectively used in strategic defense combinations. As in the previous version, all weapons have different firepower, rate of fire, firing range, blast radius and price.

Defense Zone 2 HD is available in two versions: Full and Light. The Full version features 13 engaging levels with more action and strategic challenges. The Light version is free of charge and offers 3 levels. Four languages are supported: English, Russian, French and German. Defense Zone 2 HD is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.

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