Defense Derby : Rule the Kingdom

‘Defense Derby’ is a strategic defense game with real-time auctions.
Obtain units through auctions and come out victorious as the last survivor.

# Thrilling auctions
There will be a closed auction for a unit every wave. If there’s a unit that you don’t want to miss, be bold with your bidding.
Scan your opponents’ Castles and devise various bidding strategies. Confuse your opponents and hinder their bidding to secure your victory.

# Strategic placements
Upgrade your units and place them in strategic locations to create powerful synergies.
Defend against constant enemy waves by changing unit combinations and protect your Castle.

# Chance to turn things around
Low Castle Health? Don’t give up yet!
Scout new units to defeat the Boss monster and seize your chance to victory.

# Unique characters
Meet 6 heroes and 18 units who are as unique as they are powerful.
Heroes have useful distinctive abilities such as strengthening units or restoring a damaged Castle.

# Rankings and rewards
Compete against players all over the world in real-time and challenge higher Leagues.
Collect Crown Points to earn bountiful rewards and become the best champion.

Join the Derby right now and win with your unique strategy!

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