Def Leppard – Let’s Rock It!

Welcome to Def Leppard’s “Let’s Rock It!” – Become an assistant to Bethany, (a young girl who is trying to conquer the Internet), and a super rock star with the help of legendary musicians from Def Leppard.
You can get stylish clothes for your musicians, new musical instruments, conquer social networks, and make your way to the top of the charts as you progress through levels & solve puzzles using match-3 combinations!
Features of the game:
– Gameplay based on the mechanics “3 in a row”, beloved by millions of players;
– The history of the formation of a young musical group, which you will see from the very beginning;
– Interesting characters: aspiring/daring young musicians and their wise mentors;
– Dress the band members to your liking and set new fashion trends in social networks with a variety of options;
– Clothes in different styles: rockabilly, glam, modern;
– Lots of instruments: guitars, drums, basses and keyitars! Choose the one you like and go on stage!
– Lots of levels with musical elements, colorful special effects, and challenging puzzles!
– Concert levels on which your musicians will light up to the fullest and show who is the most stylish and coolest musician.

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