Days of Doom

A devastating plague has caused the dead to rise and ancient beings to awaken. This comic book inspired world is shrouded in mystery with a threatening zombie outbreak at its core. Build, grow and maintain a sanctuary for those looking for refuge and recruit unique heroes with special abilities to fight against the undead and other supernatural dangers. Rebuild your society, strategically equip your heroes, and face the dangers of the outside world.

REBUILD: From the ashes of civilization, create a new society and provide for your populace. Grow your population and research new buildings to improve efficiency on the home front, and gain advantages on the battlefield.

FIGHT: Recruit powerful heroes and discover a world full of undead monstrosities, raiders, and other mysterious beings. Create the best squad for the job to give yourself a fighting chance against the shambling horde.

EQUIP: Discover over 50 hand-drawn items and always make sure you have the best item for the mission. Items to stun, items to heal, and items to horrify – never be unprepared.

EXPLORE: Progress through a large map with branching paths and increasing challenge. You’ll never know what fearsome foes lurk at the next encounter.

DAILY CHALLENGES: Return daily for new combat challenges to unlock progressively more lucrative rewards.

SEE: Experience a world seemingly ripped from a comic book, presenting a vibrant aesthetic that harnesses the power of the Unreal Engine.

LISTEN: The apocalypse has never sounded better, thanks to the unsettling soundtrack by Saltillo.