Days of Doom

Survive in this RPG and town builder set in a mysterious, zombie-plagued world. Will you be the light in the darkness, or see your Sanctuary fall?


Rebuild: Will humanity survive? The decisions are yours! From the ashes of civilization, create a new society and provide for your populace. Protect your Sanctuary, build resources, and make tough decisions to keep supply lines steady and your people happy.

Fight: Gruesome foes plot your downfall at every turn. Recruit over 40 legendary heroes and discover a world full of undead monstrosities, raiders, and other mysteries. Uncover lost treasures and gain grizzled experience to give yourself a fighting chance against the shambling horde.

Explore: Gain influence over a world in ruins by conquering remote outposts and toppling your enemies’ Sanctuaries. There will always be something new and deadly to discover.

Discover: Unravel a deep story across dozens of missions with huge twists and turns. Not everything is what it seems.

Listen: The apocalypse has never sounded better, thanks to the unsettling soundtrack by Saltillo.

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