Darkest Rogue 3D: Slingshot RPG

Enjoy the Darkest Rogue 3D, a turn-based roguelike RPG remastered with the enhanced 3D graphics!

The story of a brave hero exploring the unknown dungeon in search of the legendary spell book “Necronomicon” begins now.

Go on an adventure, freely switching from Knight, Hunter, Sorceress, and Druids.

Unpredictable Dungeon Crawling!
When darkness clears, cruel enemies and traps are revealed!

Challenge the highest floor with powerful equipment and skill combinations!

Game features
– Stage consisting of two worlds, six acts and 180 stories
– Slingshot attack style of adjusting the angle and shooting at monsters
– Appearance that changes with the wearing of various equipment
– Find the best way to attack in limited action energy.
– Acquire and upgrade a number of equipment and skills.
– Find hidden fun and trophies throughout the dungeon.
– Each time you start a new adventure, your character becomes stronger.COLLAPSE

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