Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is an action MMORPG with stunning 3D visual effects. With splendid graphics, smooth controls and grand worldviews, the game guarantees an unprecedented battle experience, all taking place in a magnificent world where the good and the evil collide.

【Game Features】

Stunning 3D visual effects
– Advanced 3D visual effects make your ARPG experience much more stimulated
– Smooth control experience and slashing animations to ensure you enjoyable battles
– Easy combos for you to dominate the battlefield

Fabulous equipment enhancement
– Vast item types, equipments and rich elements waiting for you to explore
– Raise and upgrade your mount, customize their appearance to your appeal
– Different Spirits species with different abilities, they will be by your side through thick and thin

Top-notch immersive graphics
– Splendid graphics and art design all come together to create an amazing virtual reality and a new experience that’s about to change your world!
– Well-polished equipment, items or buffs will bring a fascinating glow to your hero

Massive PVP and a place to socialize
– 100 players guild battle to bring you the most-outstanding game play you have ever experienced, this is where all the action happens
– The core gameplay “Treasure Dungeon” incorporates socialization to the max, feel free to chat with your friends and make some new ones. Now’s your chance to be the popular one!

Vast open world and intriguing plot
– Dark Nemesis has a vast worldview where good and evil collide
– You are free to choose different branches of the story, just be aware that choices you make will lead you to different destinies

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