Crystal Hearts World

KAKAO’s No.1-selling game Crystal Hearts World is recruiting!
An authentic Korean S-level strategic card game that allows you to dodge attacks unlike traditional RPGs!
A game set to blow players away with gorgeous visuals and fantastic Korean voice-acting!

– Synopsis –
As the mysterious crystal propelled civilization forward, it also pushed the universe towards destruction and only chosen heroes could discover and harness this power. As the world plunges into chaos, the aspiring young warriors of Emil embark on this adventurous journey with unyielding faith…

[Dodge attacks with these Destined Heroes to Turn the Tide]
Aim to precisely dodge attacks! Fearlessly take on dungeon masters with the destined heroes using excellent tactics and abilities. Turn the tide and blaze a trail on your quest for the sacred sword!

[Gorgeous Ultimates and Diverse Leadership and Passive Abilities]
Gorgeous One-hit Ultimates! Players need to make good use of heroes’ passive and leaderships abilities along with exclusive attribute gear to enhance squad power. Build the perfect squad and watch your win rate skyrocket!

[A Korean RPG that offers an Exquisite Visual Experience]
Gain immense satisfaction by awakening heroes! Players can choose from more than 100 heroes to embark on quests, and the game’s “Awakening System” allows players to completely “Level Up” heroes’ appearances and abilities!

[Develop Heroes to Create Your Adventure]
Diversely develop offense and defensive heroes! Unlike other card games, Crystal Hearts World allows players to play with a variety of squads (attack speed, high critical, high damage, etc.) based on different abilities, attribute gear, and heroes. The multi-playstyle adventure awaits, players!

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