Cooking Market Farm Restaurant

COOKING, SERVING and FARMING is just the beginning in this amazing restaurant journey from Cooking Market!

Oliver needs your management and cooking games skills to run the family restaurant and build the farm.

Your knowledge as a chef, about restaurants and cooking games will be a plus that will help Oliver in this incredible adventure, a restaurant game with many levels and a beautiful story in which you are building a farm.

Cooking in the kitchen and being a chef has never been so much fun! Make the farm thrive with your amazing restaurant game and time management skills! Improve the kitchenware for cooking faster and more delicious dishes for the food truck and the restaurant.

Fun Game Features that this journey will bring to you:
– Unique Cooking Game: Cook & Farm to unlock events, be a chef in new food trucks, restaurants and build new farm machines
– Many Cooking Events: Cook Streak, Food Rush, Jackpot Wheel and many more
– Kitchen Upgrades: improve your kitchen and your kitchenware to become the best chef
– Daily Restaurant Achievements: join daily and cook in the kitchen to find new achievements and win Great Prizes
– Farming Concept: grow vegetables in your farm and sell the products to the villagers for Tons Of Gems. Building new machines will allow you to win even more gems.
– Management & Simulation game: upgrade and manage your kitchenware to cook the most delicious food and manage farm production for huge gems prizes
– Boosters: unlock boosters that helps you complete all the cooking games

Start from simple food trucks and a small kitchen, and get to the most fancy restaurant for the cooking games and become a star chef! Don’t stop here and unlock amazing new buildings by thriving in all the cooking games. Cooking and building helps you get the incredible boosters available in all restaurants.

Join our restaurant game daily to check all live events and get engaged in cook competitions with other real players of Cooking Market!

Participate in cooking competitions and win Huge Prizes by getting a place on the chef podium.

For each restaurant, you will encounter various obstacles on the way of becoming a star chef, along with a wonderful story in which you will be part of along with the main character, Oliver.

Become the best farm manager by helping Oliver and a star chef by unlocking all the new restaurant games.

Join the endless fun and challenging cooking levels! Discover many surprises while managing the restaurant game and don’t forget to build the farm.

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