Cookies vs. Claus: Arena Games

Cookies vs. Claus: Arena Games is a holiday battle arena. Will you fight to save the Cookies in the Autumn Field or bring down Santa’s workshop at the North Pole? Team Claus is hungry for dessert, but these Cookies are not backing down!

Battle for the North Pole: Fight for Team Cookies or Team Claus to destroy the enemy base. Your team spawns more cookie helpers or elves when you take down enemies!

Cook-E-Scape: Little cookies are on the loose! Capture 10 for your team to win!

Turkey Ball: It’s turkey time! Blast the big tukery into the goals and score 3 points to win!

Unlock different cookie and holiday characters as you play. Each character can be upgraded for mega damage!

Expect new characters, maps, and game modes on different holidays. New “Iceberg falls!” game mode coming soon!

Share your party code to battle with friends!

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