Classic Taxi Driver : Crazy Town

Hey hey, come on over and have some fun with Crazy Taxi, open-world driving game. Here. We. Go! Play for free and earn crazy money!

Drive your car and passengers crazy across a huge and expanding 3D city: downtown, uptown, on the beach, and more.

You can enhance your city taxi driving skills by driving luxury and latest public transport city taxi cab. It’s your dreamy taxi game, your own rules. You’re Speediness, drift and switch around corners and weave through city traffic. Race through the city in your taxi car So it’s your turn to become a real best taxi driver in big modern city! Drive as fast as you can. Do all what you want in this crazy taxi game? The only aim is to deliver passenger to his destination point on time.

Race your car through the city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely to their destinations.

In your taxi cab you can drive faster than in the other simulator games so be careful! Duty driving is not that easy. Watch out for the traffic – don’t hit any cars or people crossing.

Running away from cops, to helping some of your customers find the culprits, you will witness it all. Crazy Town is funny, unique and engaging, as it puts your driving skills to test!

Hop on to this entertaining car ride now! It’s a crazy game, it’s a funny game, and you are going to love it!

Game Features :-

✔ A Crazy Town with unique elements.
✔ 5 different camera views.
✔ Blocky Animated Passengers.
✔ Stunning blocky graphics.
✔ Smooth and easy controls.
✔ Exciting Blocky Taxi Driving Missions.
✔ Expand the city for higher pay and crazier routes.

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