Civilization Founder

You can collect epic heroes from different civilizations in this unique RPG. Gear them up to join strategic battles, defeat your enemies in the arena, and conquer the world alongside your guild! Write down the history of your own civilization!


* Epic Heroes from Different Civilizations *
Historical heroes from major civilizations are waiting for your summons, from Caesar and Alexander to Oda Nobunaga and Sun Tzu. Each of them has unique talents and skills. Form an army of your favorite civilization, or build a mixed team with heroes from multiple civilizations? It is your call!

* Idle System *
Your heroes and army are stilling fighting battles when you are away. Reap rich awards with just one click the next time you log on. Grow rapidly with no burden at all!

* Strategic Battle*
Line up your heroes to join strategic battles. Overcome stronger enemies with right formations. If heroes with bonds are arranged to fight together, they can even unleash extra powers!

* PVP Arena*
Assemble your best heroes to PK other players in the Arena. Climb the leader board and earn your unique Arena Title!

* Alliance Wars*
SLG gameplay is blended into this game. You can form alliances with your friends. Fight with them to expand your territory in the world map, capture strongholds to strengthen your position, and fight for glory in alliance wars!

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