City of Sin

– – Join the City of Sin and enjoy your life as the Godfather in the futuristic city!

– – The legendary Godfather of Los Santos died an unexpected death, and the cause of his death was a mystery. Taking this chance, his godsons and new factions started a new round of conquest and bloodshed. You, who have been accumulating strength for a long time, are determined to crush all of your enemies and become the new Godfather.

[Game Features]

– – Refreshing Battles – Unprecedented blow feedback and vivid immersion!
The battles in this game take the form of 2D scroll game and support 5 vs 5 battles. The excellent blow feedback and sound performance will bring you an unprecedented and immersive gaming experience. Charge into the fray, assign your goons, and crush your enemies! Fight Club, Santos Tower, Underground Pit, Redbrick Mansions… various areas are for your to conquer!

– – Block Occupation – Increase the value of your estates and accumulate wealth!
10 blocks will be available for conquest. After occupying each block, you can set up your own estates and factories, including bars, tobacco factories, restaurants, print houses and many others. They will automatically generate resources. Whenever you login you, you can claim the resources from your estates, quickly accumulating your wealth. Dominate the blocks in Los Santos and mark your territory!

– – Strategic Gameplay – Form your lineup with tanks, assassins and gunners!
Your goons vary in positioning. Tanks are good at melee attacks and protecting their allies; Assassins have high speed and can effectively take down enemy’s damage dealers; Gunners can control enemies and deal massive damage; and Supporters can heal your goons and provide buffs and debuffs. Use them wisely to counter your enemies. New strategies, combinations and lineups are all waiting for you to discover. Optimize your lineup and enjoy the strategic game play!

– – Futuristic Punk – Enjoy the innovative art style!
The art style of futuristic punk, featuring scenes, characters and interfaces that carry the weight of technology and punk style, will bring you completely new and immersive gaming experiences. Build up your own empire and become the new godfather in this future city.

– – Gene Chips – Combine your chips and activate special set effects!
In addition to the traditional equipment system, this game provides a more futuristic feature: gene chips. You can implant gene chips in your goons and increase their overall strength. Furthermore, you can implant a complete set of chips to activate exclusive chip skills, further enhancing your goons. Make full use of all types of chips and create your own dream team.

Find the Truth – Who will be the last winner after the demise of the Godfather?

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