Chase Fire

■ Impressive full 3-D Graphics! Global No. 1 Shooting Adventure Gunning for the World!

  • Battle UI Optimized for Mobile Devices!
  • Lively High-Quality 3D Characters!

■ Powerful Ancient Beings, Hunt Overwhelming Boss Monsters!

  • Monsters with Varied Patterns
  • Challenging Boss Attack Patterns!
  • Game Mode for Boss Fights Only, Nemesis War!

■ Shall We Duel? Prove Your Skill Against Others Around the Globe in the PvP Mode!

  • Search and Destroy! Victory Lies Ahead!
  • Set Up Defense Teams and Fight Off Enemies!
  • Defeat Opponents and Earn Treasures!

■ The Right Tools for Me? Varied Weapons and Uniquely Cool Vehicles!

  • From One-Shot-One-Kill Shotguns, to Secondary Pistols!
  • Duck from the Enemies’ Attacks!
  • Graphically Realistic Equipments!

■ Fully Dubbed Voice-Over by Famous Hollywood Voice Actors!

  • Grand Story that Takes Place All Around the Globe!
  • Immersive VO and Story!

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