Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms

Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms Game
Say no to VIP, say no to CP
“Developed by a team of Korea’s top talented game developers, Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms is a whole new product. It will take the definition of stragedy card-games to the next level, challenge the limit of every gamers’ capability!”

Special features
▷ 3D graphics with outstanding skill effect!
Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms has new design technologies and eye-catching unique style from Korean expert designers. This game will bring players to a whole new Three-Kingdoms world. Hundreds of historical battles, many famous heroes and memorable events will be depicted with stunning and beautiful frameworks.

▷ Say no to Combat Power and VIP level!
This is the first time that the distance between the rich and the hard-working can be this close, the winners will be the ones who know how to discover the power and the ability of their heroes. Everything will be more difficult because Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms is a real challenge to every “adepts”. Even though you have played many card-games before, this game will always be a new experience for you.

▷ 300 Heroes, 1500 skills and countless “brain hacking” effects
Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms deserves to be one of the top stragedy games recently because of its numerous and diverse hero system. This game has almost 300 heroes, each hero can equip 5 skills with different effects. Therefore, this will the arena for the most skillfull players only. And now, you will be one who create your own META, the one who control game with your unique stragedy..

▷ One and one server only, bring the battlefield worldwide
The originality that only Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms has is there’s only 1 server for regions. Now, you will have chance to battle with players from other places and it will improve the competitiveness of the brain wars. Join the big game, and see if you can be the last man standing.

▷ And super fresh experience with this world-class game
Products from Korea always bring us surprise and so does Chaos Heroes: Three Kingdoms. With its unique features and systems, we can witness the rising of a world-class card game. This will be the battlefield for the most intelligent gamers only..


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