Caveman Island Survival Simulator 3D: Primal World

Caveman Island Survival Simulator 3D: Primal World – a survival strategy game in a brutal stone age environment. Create and grow your very own island tribes and conquer the entire land. Develop and maintain your clan’s life, go hunting, craft tools and weapons, build and upgrade housings, enlarge the population and survive in the wilderness of prehistoric times.

● G A M E P L A Y ●

This huge uninhabited island provides you with water and fertile soil. Explore it and find a good place to settle and build your new tribe. Scout out natural resources and unlock more wild locations to provide yourself and your clan with all necessities.

Forests and lakes here are rich with wild animals, plants and all types of natural resources. Find a use for wood and stone to create tools or construct huts. Make weapons to hunt and defend yourself from wild invaders. Get fire to make meals and solve the cold problem.

Keep your clan busy by building and crafting. Upgrade ancient dwellings to make them comfortable and safe for living. Construct special anvils and tanneries for creating new instruments and making clothes. Improve instruments to work with different materials effectively.

You are going to face all kinds of danger that happen in the brutal ages of cavemen. Provide your tribal community with all necessary instruments to survive and maintain their vitality. Use unique weapons and tools while hunting, extraction of resources or making wonderful garments from animals’ hides.

Watch your tribe grow! Every single settler is valuable and influences the whole evolvement of the village life. Make sure your clan feels good and ready to have families. Enlarge the population gradually and make sure each caveman has home to live and work to do.

Stay alert and be ready to defend your territory from enemy’s attack or become strong enough to invade foreign lands and reclaim the entire area by your own legendary army. Fight against primordial people with the right tactics, otherwise, your victory is going to be a costly one.

The early civilization is in greatest danger from saber-toothed tigers, woolly rhinoceros, giant bears and other fierce animals of the stone age. Wild jungle hides all kinds of prehistoric carnivores and herbivores from small to huge ones – you never know who is hunting and who is hunted.

● F E A T U R E S ●

➤ Unique interpretation among clan games
➤ Fully interactive locations based on real prototypes
➤ Realistic system of a survival game
➤ Multi-level upgrades and improvements
➤ 3 caveman life stages, 5 kinds of weapon, 8 types of resources
➤ Special missions with precious rewards
➤ Cool achievements and sharing options

Caveman Island Survival Simulator 3D: Primal World – the one among survival games which combines best components of the genre: battles, hunting, construction and crafting. Grow a mighty tribe and dominate the entire island!

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