Castle Siege

It’s war time! Battle players from all around the world in this fast-paced PvP Real-Time Strategy game! Collect cards, upgrade your troops and become the best warrior. Use your troops strategically and win your way up the Ladder! Destroy your opponent’s Towers to win gold, Honor Points and become Legendary! Join or create an Alliance to trade cards and clash together to the top!

New unique characters waiting for you to unlock at each Realm! 
Player versus Player Real-Time Battles! 
Five Realms to Unlock!
Make your own Battle Deck and defeat the enemies! 
Earn chests to get rewards! 
Collect cards and upgrade your favorite characters! 
Dynamic spawn area! The closer you are to the enemy, the closer you can place your characters! 
Join an Alliance and help each other to get to the top! 
Casual Battle mode! No fear of losing your points!”

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