BugsBox M: Push & Crush

Push boxes, collect balloons, and use special abilities to protect Honeyland!
Cute ant and bee characters are waiting for you!

Game Mode: Try and Test Your Limits.
ㄴ Classic Mode: 100 Stages available.
ㄴ Infinite Mode: Defeat endless waves of enemies with your remarkable skills.
ㄴ Practice Mode: Play past stages you’ve already completed.

Extra Balloons: Want an Extra Life?
ㄴ Collect EXTRA balloons and get an additional life.

Potion Item: Stage Turns into a Giant Flower Garden When You Get a Potion!
ㄴ Collect as many flowers as you can to get a higher score.
ㄴ You will be able to gain a bonus life after you reach a certain score.

In-Game Items: Collect the Items for Additional Perks!
ㄴ Use In-game items to defeat enemies easier.

Character Skill: Show Them What You’re Made Of!
ㄴ Shoot, Hide, and unleash AOE attacks! Enjoy the fun!

Special Box: There Are Lots of Boxes, but Not All of Them Are Alike.
ㄴ Candy Box: Combine 3 Candy Boxes together. Enemies will shrink and you will become invincible! Squash them!
ㄴ Jelly Box: Jelly Boxes will bounce back and forth when you Push them! Don’t forget they can damage you, too!

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