Brown Dust

Brown Dust Closed Beta Test: January 24th to February 7th
Anyone can download and play for free until CBT ends.

■ Captivating and Stunning Artwork
– Experience the high-quality illustrations you have never seen before.
– Meet Brown Dust’s charming mercenaries now.

■ Over 300 Mercenaries and A Variety of Skills
– Classic turn-based battle system with grid-based movement
– All mercenaries can reach max level and the highest rank. 
– Jump into the real strategy and start recruiting powerful mercenaries.

■ Experience Thrilling Battle
– Hundreds of strategies depending on the type of mercenaries, formation, attack order.
– Form your ultimate team and enjoy the real strategic battle. 

■ Various Modes Such as Arena, Rune Temple, and More
– {Story} Experience a deep and exciting adventure storyline.
– [Campaign] More than 500 stages to clear. 
– [Temple of Rune] Collect five different runes to upgrade mercenaries’ abilities. 
– [Sealed crystal cave] Gather awakening materials for your mercenaries.
– [Demon’s Castle] Master your strategy! Get ancient coins and various rewards.
– [PVP] Battle for victory! Thrilling battle with other players! 
– [Guild War] Crush your enemy! Fight against each other for your guild.

An easy-to-follow guide and friendly interface!
Forget other boring RPG games! Enjoy the real challenge now!

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